About The Weather In Walnut Creek California


If you ever plan on visiting Walnut Creek, then you'll want to get an idea of what the weather is like. This article will discuss the city's climate, the average highs and lows by month, as well as tell you how to check the weather. By the end of this article, you'll know more about the weather in the city. 

The climate in Walnut Creek is considered to be Mediterranean, which is common for the interior valleys of the state. During the summer, high pressure grips the area and this is one of the reasons why there is continuous sunshine and almost no precipitation. Most days start off on the cool side, but the warm temperatures quickly arrive and the highs can easily go into the 80s (Fahrenheit). 

During heat waves, the temperatures can go into the 100s, but in the winter the weather in Walnut Creek can become wet. In fact, the average yearly rainfall is around 20 inches. Also in the winter, snow can occur on the peak of Diablo mountain, but the valley floor usually stays clear because snow is extremely rare for the area. 

The winter weather in Walnut Creek California usually leads to morning frost, but there is no shortage of clearer and milder days. Thanks to the climate, many crops and plants can be grown throughout the year. This includes citrus crops and apples, for example. The crops that can be grown here are just as diverse as the weather. 

Average Highs And Lows By Month
1. Average Monthly Highs- The average highs for Jan, Feb and March are between 55 and 65 degrees. For April, May and June, the highs are around 80. Between July and September, the highs are nearly 90 degrees, and the rest of the year they can hover around 60 degrees.  

2. Average Monthly Lows- The average lows between Jan-April are between 36 to 43 degrees. In the summer, the lows can average around 53 degrees, and between Sep-December the lows can average around 45 degrees. As previously mentioned, in the wintertime the mornings can start off a bit frosty, but the weather tends to warm up as the day progresses. 

How To Check The Weather
You have several ways to check the weather in Walnut Creek. The first way is via the local news, whether it's on TV or the newspaper. If you have a local channel, then you can watch the weather segment of the news in Walnut Creek. 

However, the best way to check the weather is online. If you have a mobile device and internet connection, then go online and simply type in "weather in Walnut Creek" and you'll be shown what the current weather is. Also, you can read an extended forecast. This method of checking the weather comes in handy and it is one of the most convenient ways to do it. 

There are weather apps you can download too, and this allows you to check the weather in Walnut Creek without having to perform a search online. The way it works is you download a weather app and then set Walnut Creek as the location if it gives you that option. Once downloaded, you just open the app up when you want to find out information about the weather in Walnut Creek. 

When it comes to the weather in Walnut Creek California, you can easily check it online, via an app or by watching the local news. You also know more about the city's climate and what the averages are per month. If you want to experience the weather for yourself, then book a trip to Walnut Creek today.