BOTOX® Cosmetic

Injectable botulinum toxin, more commonly known as BOTOX, temporarily erases etched-in wrinkles. The results you can achieve from it—without ever resorting to invasive surgery—may surprise you. BOTOX has many benefits, most notably the ability to immobilize (and therefore smooth) ‘wrinkles in motion.’ Wrinkles in motion are caused by any sort of movement, i.e. frowning, squinting and laughing.

When injected into the skin, BOTOX is extremely effective at temporarily erasing crow’s feet, horizontal lines that run across the forehead and frown lines between the eyes. Injecting it into the neck or sagging jowls can sometimes yield results rivaling a face lift.

BOTOX injection is ideal for treating cosmetic issues such as:

• Deep frown lines between your eyebrows that make you look perpetually sad or angry

• Wrinkles around the eyes and forehead

• Bands around the neck

• Asymmetry of the face that can be corrected by relaxing the muscles

What To Expect

You will still look like yourself after BOTOX, but more refreshed and rejuvenated. BOTOX – though highly publicized and misunderstood – has an excellent safety record. Dr. Kirman is an expert performing injections and has consistently delivered results for his Bay Area BOTOX clients.


Before your BOTOX injections in Walnut Creek, be prepared to disclose a full medical history and any medications you’re currently using. Tell Dr. Kirman if you’ve had botulinum toxin injections in the past; are using NSAIDs such as aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil or Aleve, which can cause bruising), anticoagulants or blood thinners; or you are taking muscle relaxants, allergy or sleeping medications. Some medications cause complications, bleeding or extra bruising. Hydration will be very important before and after treatment to ensure a safe recovery.


Our Walnut Creek BOTOX injections usually takes around 10-15 minutes. Dr. Kirman will ask you to remove your makeup and then you’ll be asked to make a facial expression while they mark the points of injection. You’ll feel a pinprick as the toxin is injected into your muscles with a very fine needle. Some areas of the face will be more painful to inject than others.


Post-treatment you may experience redness, swelling or bruising, but you can quickly return to your regular activities so long as you avoid and strenuous workouts or activities for 24 hours. Lying down after injection or massaging the treated area can cause complications – you definitely don’t want it to spread – so expect to sit upright for the rest of the day. And no immediate naps. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled at our Walnut Creek, CA location just to check up on you. You may need a touch-up soon after your first injection to achieve your desired smoothness.

Things To Consider

• All potential side effects tend to be small-scale and short-lived but sometimes injections can cause a temporary and mild droopiness of the eyelid or eyebrow.

 • Sometimes bruising happens, but patients have been using it for decades without negative effects.

• Results are only temporary, lasting six months.


Q. Will BOTOX hurt?

A. Most BOTOX injections are slightly painful, kind of like getting a flu shot. You have the option of receiving topical anesthesia prior to the procedure, but sometimes ice is all that’s needed to numb the areas you want treated.

Q. Can I wear makeup after having injectable toxins?

A. Yes, but you may need to remove it before treatment.

Q. How long does BOTOX last?

A. The results can last anywhere from three to six months, depending on your skin and individual treatment, at which the skin returns to the relaxed state it was in before it was injected. You can always revisit us for additional BOTOX in the Bay Area CA location we have.