Three Of The Best Restaurants In Walnut Creek California


Are you visiting Walnut Creek, California in the near future? Maybe you have just moved to the area and aren't sure which restaurants are the best. Here are three restaurants in Walnut Creek CA that deserve your attention.

1. Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

If you're in the mood for an incredible cut of steak, then you won't find a better option than Fleming's. It is a small restaurant tucked away in the boutique and shopping district of Walnut Creek. As the name implies, this restaurant is all about steak and wine. If you eat here without enjoying both, then you are missing out on its best qualities.

The small size and big flavors mean that you'll need a reservation if you hope to get a table. Fleming's is actually a very popular choice for small parties, private dinners, or business meetings. They have additional private dining rooms specifically for such occasions. You'll also find a Cisco conferencing system available that can be used to communicate with associates at one of the other Fleming's locations.

2. Walnut Creek Yacht Club

The Walnut Creek Yacht Club(WCYC) was started in 1997 by Ellen McCarty and Kevin Weinberg. They are known throughout the area for having the best seafood in town. You shouldn't let the name fool you. It is not an actual yacht club and there is no membership required. Instead, the name is meant to encourage the type of atmosphere the restaurant hopes to achieve. That is an atmosphere of relaxation and class.

WCYC provides a perfect combination of authentic décor and delicious entrees. A local magazine has rated WCYC as the best place for seafood for more than a decade now. They have won similar titles from several other critics, websites, and organizations. All of their seafood is sourced from the Osprey Seafood Company.

All of the seafood prepared at WCYC is completely fresh and has never been frozen. It is supplied fresh each morning by Osprey and then portioned for meals. The seafood is packed into ice until it is cooked at some point in the day. Of course, they offer more than just seafood. WCYC makes great burgers and steaks as well, both of which come from reputable suppliers in the area.

3. Prima

Finally, for those of you who prefer Italian cuisine, Prima has earned a reputation as the go-to source for authentic Italian dishes in the Walnut Creek area. Not only does Prima provide incredible Italian recipes, but they have also created an authentic Italian atmosphere. It's the type of atmosphere that makes you want to stay even after you've finished your meal.

Prima is also well-known for bringing together some of the best wines from around the world. The restaurant's wine director spends countless hours discovering the best wines and adding them to the cellar. 

A Meal For Everyone

Whether you prefer steak, seafood, or Italian, Walnut Creek has a restaurant you are going to enjoy. Each of these restaurants in Walnut Creek California is also known to have an incredible wine collection. Don't limit yourself to just one of these restaurants. Instead, take the time to enjoy each one while you are in the area.