Key Places For Shopping In Walnut Creek California


Walnut Creek California has a number of boutique shops, retails stores, and shopping malls. In particular, there are plenty of opportunities for shopping in Walnut Creek California in the downtown area. Following are a few of the best places to shop if you are searching for something in particular.

1. Daskalos European Fashion – Men's Clothing

Daskalos brings the latest European fashion trends home in Walnut Creek, California. The store was started by Tom Daskalos, who was born and raised in Greece. There he was trained as a tailor and would begin working in clothing stores throughout the country. It wasn't until 1952 that he moved to America and shortly afterward opened a tailor shop.

Daskalos is the place to go for anyone interested in European fashion. High-end apparel from names like Zegna and Brioni are available at competitive prices. All of the clothes offered are tailored to fit the client. The Daskalos store is known for having excellent customer service in addition to quality attire.

2. Ann Taylor LOFT – Women's Clothing

LOFT is a women's clothing store operated by the Ann Taylor company. This is a company that is known for understanding women and making an effort to accommodate their needs. The clothing and apparel available at LOFT cover a variety of styles, including petite, plus size, maternity, tall, and more. In addition, you can expect to find the latest name brands available in many of these categories.

The Ann Taylor company has spent more than fifty years providing quality clothing and apparel to women across the country. They regularly drop their prices and increase their stock, which makes it a good idea to check in regularly.

3. Pet Food Express – Pet Needs

Pet Food Express (PFE) is a local pet foods store with more than 60 stores located throughout California. They are a store that loves and cherishes pets. This can be seen in the products and foods that they offer. It's also evident by their constant donations and involvement in activities related to pet care. Over the years, they have won a number of awards, including best pet superstore, the Evie Award, and top workplaces in the bay area.

PFE has donated millions of dollars to animal rescue efforts throughout the state of California. They have also donated to K-9 departments, animal shelters, and pet groups. They manage to do this while still offering competitive prices on the brands of food that your animals love.

Honorable Mentions

There are many other opportunities for shopping in Walnut Creek California depending on what it is that you are shopping for. The downtown area has several electronics suppliers, such as Apple and AT&T. There are also a number of local grocery stores, including Trader Joe's and Safeway. If you are interested in tattoos or piercings you could shop around at the Living Art Tattoo studio. Or perhaps you could visit Buon Vino, Canvas & Cabernet, or Wine Hardware for a bottle of wine. Whatever it is that you need, you can find it in downtown Walnut Creek.